ICBA Family Protection Plan

Support and Protection for You and Your Business

Many independent contractors have encounter situations like this:

You would like a third party representing your best interests to review a legal agreement.

You need a sample legal document to allow you to customize it for your situation.

You need help making a budget and estimating your quarterly tax withholdings.

You would like help with, or even better, someone to prepare your tax return.

You think someone is making purchases on your credit card or has opened a credit card in your name and you don’t know what step to take first.

Rather than go it alone, what if you had one source to go to get professional support and it only costs $6 per month? – That is the ICBA Family Protection Plan.

Tax Preparation & Advice

A panel of Certified Public Accountants will provide the following services to you at no charge:

  • Free tax return preparation

  • Unlimited advice on federal taxation

  • Unlimited advice on federal taxation for small business owners (Sole Proprietors)

  • IRS audit assistance

  • Tax planning

Financial Education & Credit Counseling

These free services are included with this program and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Financial assessment with credit and debt analysis

  • Advice regarding the financing of first time home ownership including mortgages, refinancing and reverse mortgages.

  • Online tools and resources to educate and improve money management skills

Life Events Counseling

Members have toll-free, 24/7 365 day access to masters-level clinicians who have specialized training in managing personal issues.

  • 24 hour crisis and urgent need hotline

  • Goals and success planning consultation

  • Resource materials

  • Follow-up

Identity Theft Solutions

This program helps prevent identity theft and provides comprehensive assisted restoration in the event of identity theft.

  • Keylogging Defense System helps to proactively prevent identity theft by encrypting your online activities.

  • Identity Monitoring to detect misuse of your personal information.

  • Identity Theft Restoration services to assist with restoration of identity to its pre-theft state

  • $25,000 of Indentity Theft Insurance to help offset the cost of restoring your identity to its original status.